Tuesday, June 28, 2011


New and newish books here at Orca: Jeff Shaara, best known for finishing the Civil War trilogy begun by his father in The Killer Angels, has turned his attention to the Second World War and the battle for Okinawa in The Final Storm... Monica Ali, author of the Booker-shortlisted novel Brick Lane, has taken an odd turn. Untold Story is a novel that imagines a life out of the limelight for Princess Di. Tragedy averted, she's fetched up with a new identity ( witness-protection-style) in the suburban Midwest!.... David McCullough, Pulitzer-winning biographer of Truman and John Adams, has an unexpected hit with The Greater Journey: Americans in Paris, a look at 19th century Americans -- some luminaries, some lost in obscurity --  who sojourned in the City of Light.


Monday, June 27, 2011


A couple of interesting new titles from our friends at Chelsea Green!

The title of Felder Rushing's "Slow Gardening" will probaby sound enticing to many of you: it's an extension of the "Slow Food" philosophy to the gardening realm.

Dave Hamilton's "Grow Your Own Food for Free (well, almost)" is a very nicely illustrated book chock full of tips for building a better garden.

Friday, June 24, 2011


Mags, anyone? Lucky Peach has landed It's billed as a "new food quarterly"  from celeb chef David Chang, creator of the Momofuku restaurant archipelago in Manhattan. Issue One aggressively declares its lack of snoot by focusing on that beloved college student staple, ramen. There's an attractive section of recipes at the back that includes such dishes as salt cod omelet, carrot dashi and a very creative chicken soup. The cover also promises "Bourdin, Dufresne, & Chang Drunk & Ranting".... Also in: Raw Vision features Japanese outsider art... Orion has Seattle-based penguinologist Eric Wagner reports from Patagonia... National Geographic is searching for the real Cleopatra.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Today's much-anticipated release is the new Ann Patchett novel, State of Wonder.  It's a return to South America for the author of the bestseller Bel Canto (shown here in a distinctly non-tropical setting).  The new book's about a research scientist searching for a lost colleague in the Amazon jungle. The dust jacket promises loads of perilous action: Poison arrows! Cannibals!... New in paperback: Are you bonkers for bonobos? Vanessa Woods' memoir Bonobo Handshake makes for a good non-fiction companion to Laurence Gonzales' novel Lucy (itself due in paperback in July)... Traveling Pants sister Ann Brashares' novel of reincarnation, My Name is Memory, also debuts in paperback today.


Saturday, June 4, 2011

New Piano!

Ryan and company at Pianova just took away one piano and dropped off another.  The new one is a 1953 Kohler & Campbell studio piano.


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sometimes he can get a little too comfortable


Motion bookmarks back in stock!


IMG_0160.mov Watch on Posterous

Some favorites like the dancing skeletons are back in, plus a bunch of new ones, like dinosaurs and stampeding horses.


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Great Books, Still Waiting

Sometimes really good used books, through no fault of their own, hang around our store for a long time before someone buys them.  Lately we've been trying extra hard to help them on their way, and hopefully into your sweaty little mitts, by automatically discounting them after they've been here for a certain period of time.  Here's the way it works:

Have a look at the sticker on the back of the book.  That date in the lower right corner is the date we catalogued it.  The discounting works as follows:

2010 - present:  sticker price

2009:                    10% off the sticker price

2008:                    20% off

2007:                    30% off

2006 and earlier:  40% off

This only applies to used books, and it doesn't apply to any of the books in the rare and collectible cases at the front of the store.  The pictures in this post are of just a few of the wonderful books that haven't managed to find a home yet.  In total, about half our used book inventory (24,000 books!) is currently discounted this way.  You can see all of them on our website at http://www.orcabooks.com/collections/all-markdowns.

Reader Rewards Program

For those of you who shop at our store even just occasionally, our Reader Rewards program is the definition of a great deal. We know your wallet or purse is probably bursting at the seams with punch cards and coupons to different stores around town, but our system isn't like that.

Just give us your name at the register before each purchase.  Our system keeps a simple count of the items you buy.  After every 10th purchase, it gives you back 10% of the previous 10 items.  So if the last 10 books you bought came to, say, $79 (pretty easy to do), the system will credit you $7.90.  That's it.

The best part is that if you've ever traded in used books or special ordered a new one, you're probably already signed up.  We just need to turn on the feature in your account.  If you've never traded or ordered anything but you still like to pick up a greeting card or magazine once in awhile, then print and fill out the form below and bring it by the store.  It just takes a minute to set up your account.


Customer Rewards Brochure