Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Friday, December 9th @7:00PM: Anne McNamee Corbett and Alison McCaffree: Politics of the Possible

JoinPolitics of the Possible cover us in welcoming Anne McNamee Corbett to the store on this December evening for a discussion of politics past and present.

Few events are as timely as this one.  With the state legislature convened in a special session, and with so much of our politics seeming at times to be irreparably broken, it's helpful to look at a time in our state's history when people found a way to make things work.

Using the lens of a citizen who entered politics to secure better funding for her children's schools, Mary Ellen McCaffree journeys through one dynamic decade that transformed Washington state. We witness the inner workings of a government overhaul, led by citizens and politicians who enter at the bottom of the legislative heap and rise to become leaders of a sweeping program of bi-partisan reforms, culminating in the most productive legislative session in their state's history... and perhaps of all time. This 1960's government success story impels newer generations to take a more active citizen role - first by understanding how our government is designed, then by entering the process to problem-solve ever new challenges. The engaging narrative about real people, and the actual relationships required to legislate complex change, demystifies the gears of governing and empowers 'ordinary citizens' to speak up and take part in our governmental process.

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