Tuesday, January 3, 2012


[[posterous-content:pid___0]][[posterous-content:pid___1]]New year, new books: Thomas Frank has been scything his way through the jungle of American politics for some years now. What's The Matter With Kansas?, an Orca bestseller a few years back, grappled with the question of why middle America votes against its own interests. In his new book, Pity the Billionaire, he returns to the same theme, investigating how America's economic woes have paradoxically boosted the political right's fortunes... Cyberspace pioneer William Gibson is known for his temporarily fictional dispatches from the future. Distrust That Particular Flavor, a collection of essays from thirty years of writing, provides some autobiographical details... Now in paperback: Siobhan Fallon's You Know When the Men Are Gone, a collection of short stories about life for the soldiers and their families at an army base in Texas, has collected a passel of rave reviews. The New York Times wrote: "Gripping, straight-up, no-nonsense stories... simple, tough and true."

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