Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New books: a baby memoir from Anne Lamott, Susan Vreeland in PB

Anne Lamott had a winner with Operating Instructions, her 1993 memoir of her son's first year. Well guess what happened... her son had a son! Don't you feel old now! Grandmotherhood awaits in Some Assembly Required, a journal co-written with Sam, the eponymous gadget from her earlier memoir... Susan Vreeland's popular novels chronicle the lives of artists: Vermeer in Girl in Hyacinth Blue, Artemisia Gentileschi in The Passion of Artemisia, Emily Carr in The Forest Lover. In her latest, Clara and Mr. Tiffany, she tells the story of the woman behind the lamps: Clara is a stained-glass artist, the unacknowledged designer of Mr Tiffany's wonders. The source material is the true story of Clara Driscoll, only recently uncovered thanks to archival sleuthing by Martin Eidelberg, Nina Gray and Margaret Hofer.

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